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Beverly Baribault Design Group - It is our pleasure to work with Custom Creations and their team of professionals on every project for Beverly Baribault Design Group.  They are our exclusive drapery room and handle all of our needs for anything engineered with textiles.  Their group of talented artisans and engineers have proven time and time again that they can build and install any designs that are presented to them.  Their positive, adjustable attitude is a compliment to their craftsmanship which always makes Custom Creations a joy to work with.





Cynthia Porche Interiors - Custom Creations takes care of all the details such as hardware, high end pillow inserts, linings, etc. and if there are any problems they are addressed immediately and can sometimes work around them.  After I give her a drawing/design, I do not have to worry about anything.  She shows up to the install with her team and everything goes in so smoothly and beautifully.  Custom Creations uses all of the dressmaker details that we love, and I never have to worry that it will all work perfectly!  With very particular, high end clients, she can work around and engineer exactly what is needed, while working professionally and cohesively with myself and the client.

Kandrac & Kole Interior Design:  Custom Creations is an integral part of our inside team as a successful interior design firm. The work of Tracie and her team is impeccable, creative and highly engineered. We have all the confidence in the world that Custom Creations can create whatever we dream up!

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